Герб посёлка Шексна

общественно-новостной ресурс Шекснинского района

поселок Шексна

District of Sheksna:

Square: 2.500 sq km
Total Population:36,500
Able-bodied population: 14,250
Population of Sheksna settlement: 18,600
Level of unemployment: 2,0 %
Total number of entrepreneurs: 503
Legal entities: 464
City Code: 81751 - for trunk and international calls; 8-251 - for calls within the oblast
Information Service: 22222
Address of the District Administration: 14, ul.Proletarskaya, 162560 Sheksna, Russia
Head of the District Administration: Vyacheslav Polunin, Tel.: 21295, Fax: 21061

Geographic location:

The district is located in the South of the Vologda Oblast. The waters of the Sheksna and Rybinsk reservoirs (Volga-Baltic Waterway) flow through its territory from north to south. It shares boaders with the District of Kirillov in the north, the District of Cherepovets to the west and the south, the District of Vologda to the east. It is situated in the vicinity of consumption markets of Moscow and St.Petersburg, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. The centre of the district is the settlement of Sheksna. Thanks to its advantageous location the district of Sheksna is an investor magnet in the spheres ranging from industry to agriculture to food industry to tourism.

Distance from Sheksna (Road, km; Railway, km):
Cherepovets: 48; 38
Vologda: 83; 86
St.Petersburg: 504; 524
Moscow: 543; 629

The district of Sheksna is situated at the intersection of the main Russian transportation lines:

  • Highways - road of federal importance Vologda - Novaya Ladoga (9,000 cars a day); Waterways (the Sheksna River) - Volga-Baltic
  • Waterway (7,500 ships during navigation period);
  • Railways - Northern railway (190 trains a day).


Forest fund: 142,9 ths has.
Natural resources: gravel and construction sand (with total reserves of 36377 ths cu m), brick earth (deposits of 9764 ths cu m), peat (38423 ths cu m), boulder (with the reserves equalling 741 ths cu m)
Inland waters: 6445 ths cu m
Climate: temperate continental with long winters and short warm summers
Protected areas (2193has.): protected sites of rivers, lakes and brooks, riversides, marshes rich in cranberry, wood-grouses' mating places, wells with drinking water, forests, archaeological monuments and a monument of architecture (country estate of landowner Sychyov in the village of Pogorelka).


In the branch structure of industry, forest and woodworking industries take a dominating position. The proportion of woodworking articles makes 53,8 % in the total volume of the district's industrial production, flour-grinding and groats industry - 32,3 %, food industry - 10,8 %, light industry - 1,7 %. A range of products includes fibreboards, chipboards, merchantable wood, MDF boards, sawnwood, flax fibre, dairy products, confectionery, flour and mixed fodder.
Main enterprises:

  • OOO Fibreboard Company (forest industry)
  • OAO Sheksna-mebel (forest industry) Chebsarsky Lespromkhoz (forest industry)
  • OAO Sheksna Food Company (food industry)
  • OAO Battery Farm Sheksninskaya (food industry) Sheksna bakery (food industry)
  • OAO Butter-Dairy (food industry)
  • OAO Sheksna Linen Factory (light industry)
  • Sheksna Grain Company (flour-grinding and groats industry)


Agriculture of the District of Sheksna is represented by more than 20 enterprises of various organizational and legal forms. By virtue of natural conditions and economic factors, the following branches are developed historically in the district - poultry keeping, cattle-breeding, production of eggs and dairy produce.


Tourism in the district of Sheksna may become one of the magnets for investments. The district is included into a program of travel itineraries along the Volga-Baltic Waterway. OOO Russian Traditions is establishing a tourist centre in the village of Irma.
In immediate proximity to the Volga-Baltic Waterway there are vacant sites that make it possible to turn the district into a centre for tourism with the focus on rural tourism, hunting, fishing, family rest, etc.
Another point of interest is Sizma, an ancient Russian village, which attracts the ever-increasing number of tourists. Russian traditions and customs, local handicrafts (weaving, straw wicker-work, and knitting) are preserved and developed in the village. About 300 people a day flock there.

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